Fat Freeze Spray

Fat Freeze Spray

(Month: 1 Month supply)

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1 Month Supply of Fat Freeze Blaster - œ19.95

3 Month Supply of Fat Freeze Blaster - œ44.99

6 Month Supply of Fat Freeze Blaster - œ69.99 PLUS a FREE Bottle of Fat Accelerator

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Fat Freeze Blaster is a revolutionary new spray based on the science of Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is an FDA Approved procedure that freezes fat cells - causing them to expand ( and in turn destroying them).

The destroyed fat cells are then absorbed, and simply excreted by the body.

This VERY expensive procedure (in the range of several thousand Pounds) also requires repeat visits to the doctor?s office. An option most of us do not have.

So, One of Europe?s Leading Pharma Science Companies - using the established concept of Coolsculping ? developed Fat Freeze Blaster ... an INEXPENSIVE, AT HOME cooling spray that breaks up fat - allowing YOU to lose an astonishing amount of pounds EVERY 7 Days.

No doctors visits, No expensive treatments,  No hassle. Just apply Fat Freeze Blaster to your trouble spots ( or all over ) once a day ? and YOU WILL lose pounds EVERY 7 days ..!  

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Month 1 Month supply

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Product no. Month Price
Fat Freeze Spray-1 month 1 Month supply £19.95
Fat Freeze Spray - 3 months 3 Month supply £44.99
Fat Freeze Spray 6 months + Free Bottle of Fat Accelerator 6 Month supply £69.99

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