Age Reverse Patch

(Weeks: 2 Weeks)


2 x week course     œ22.95

4 x week course     œ37.90

6 x week course     œ52,90 

8 x week course     œ57,90

10 x week course  + 2 weeks FREE  œ62,90

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The Age-Reverse Gel Patch is a simple, safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery and Botox ?

Within just days and weeks, it will transform your appearance.

Lines, creases, even deep-set wrinkles vanish quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Each patch contains the latest in cutting edge Swiss research and development within a super-flex layer of hydro-gel supported by a fine polymatrix to fit the contours of your skin exactly and deliver the maximum amount of age reversing anti-wrinkle actives.


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Weeks 2 Weeks

Selection: Age Reverse Patch

Product no. Weeks Price
Age Reverse Patch 2 Weeks £22.95
Age Reverse Patch - 4 4 Weeks £39.95
Age Reverse Patch - 6 6 Weeks £54.95
Age Reverse Patch - 8 8 Weeks £59.95
Age Reverse Patch - 12 10 Weeks + 2 Weeks for free £64.95

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