Java Green Tea


Natural, safe and effective weight-loss

The weight-loss effect and health benefits of Green Tea are well documented by scientists but with the addition of Java Kidney Tea (Orthosiphon stamineus) the results are getting even better. The unique formulation of the Java Green Tea capsules can help with quick weight-loss, more than other Green Tea products. Green Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps to fight illnesses and to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Java Green Tea tablets help your body burn fat. As any respected weight loss doctor or diet scientist will confirm there is no way you can pop a slimming tablet to give you the slim figure of a supermodel overnight, but with Java Green Tea tablets there is a weight-loss tablet that has been documented to increase the rate at which your body burns off fat without risking your health to lose weight, cutting out food, starvation diet or strenuous exercise routines.

Each Java Green Tea slimming capsule contains a highly concentrated form of active phyto-chemical called catcheols - the equivalent of a hundred cups of green tea every day !

Selection: Java Green Tea

Product no. Capsules Price
Java Green Tea - 90 capsules 90 Capsules £19.00
Java Green Tea - 180 capsules 180 Capsules £34.00
Java Green Tea - 270 capsules 270 Capsules £46.00
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