Re-Active Patch

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RE-ACTIVE PATCH is the first of a new generation of products that can change sugar, carbs, and starch into harmless, low-calorie substances that are eliminated by your body. And right now, it?s the only one available and approved for your use. That?s why you can ? and you should ? get started on that new you now! After all, all you do is wear a patch.

And here?s why the active-when-clear indicator is your best friend:

The first job of a weight-loss product is for it to be composed of ingredients that actually work.The second job of a weight-loss product is to quickly get into your body where it can do the most good. Since Re-Active Patch works through a skin patch, the ingredients immediately get into your bloodstream right through your skin. The important word is ?immediately.?

With a patch, there is no delay as there is with pills and capsules. Pills have to first be swallowed and then go through your digestive system. The Active Indicator system on the Re-Active Patch will quickly become your best friend as the words ?Active when clear? disappear to show you when it starts working (almost immediately).

Your body?s reaction to Re-Active Patch?s herbal ingredients sends a signal to a tell-tale indicator on the patch. The pale ?Active when clear? lettering becomes almost transparent and then, as soon as that happens, you know it is safe to start eating your usual foods.

The ingredients that do the job:

Herb #1, Gurmarbooti, from leaves of the Asian gymnema plant, is a hypoglycemic agent. Simply said, it lowers blood sugar so less sugar flows in the bloodstream to eventually lodge in tissues as fat. There is a two-step process that makes gurmarbooti doubly effective:

1) It raises insulin levels to better handle sugar, and 2) It reduces the body?s intake of sugar that is transported in your intestines. This sugar blocking is accomplished through a complex interaction of liver enzymes and blood sugar levels. If you?re not a chemistry student, don?t worry about how it works; just enjoy watching yourself lose weight. Bonus: Studies have shown that gurmarbooti can reduce cholesterol levels.

Herb #2, Citrus Aurantium, Citrus aurantium has been studied and shown to encourage the release of stored fat for energy production. It is commonly referred to as ?bitter orange? and has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve overall health. What makes this botanical herb so unique is that it appears to increase thermogenesis (fat burning activity) without stimulating the central nervous system. As a result, it encourages the body to burn calories at a faster rate.

Herb #3, Gymsyl (gymnema sylvestre) has long been used in south Asia by ayurvedic physicians who would rather use natural substances than manufactured drugs. It is a very powerful, effective blocker of sugar uptake. It?s so powerful that it starts blocking sugar right in your mouth! Then it blocks sugar in the stomach and intestines. With these three herbal substances, not only are calories reduced, but blood sugar levels are stabilized all day long to keep energy up and prevent mood swings. So RE-ACTIVE PATCH is nothing less than Mother Nature?s powerful secret weapon against enemy sugars, starches, and carbs as well as bad blood chemistry.

Herb #4, TTG (triterpene glycoside) is a natural herbal oil that has been shown to 1) raise insulin by increasing cells in the pancreas where insulin is made 2) TTG gives you a head start because it is a natural appetite-suppressor. And it?s not a dangerous synthetic chemical or metabolism stimulant.

Herb #5, Guarana, Scientific evidence shows Guarana useful for weight loss. enhancing mental alertness and mood elevation. The natural caffeine in Guarana (guaranine) is longer-lasting than standard caffeine and encourages lipolysis (breakdown of fat), enhancing oxygen consumption, and slightly increasing heart rate and blood pressure with stimulation of the central nervous system.

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