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MEGA-ERECTTM is packed with the fibres and nutrients that make plants grow tall, thick and stiff and amazingly long. These MEGA PLANTS work to draw up fluids and nutrients the same way your penis does, so Mega-Erect™, the most Potent Aphrodisiac ever……..

What makes Mega-Erectso potent? Mother nature of course ...

If you lived in Asia, seeing massive fast growing plants would be a normal, even daily occurrence.These mega plants are amazing stuff! Hollow in the middle, extremely strong, hard, sturdy and very fast growing, almost a metre or 3 feet in just one day! In other parts of the world Sequoia and Eu­calyptus grow over 115m ( nearly 400 feet - the equivalent of 8 London Buses or 4 football pitches !)

These plants grow FAST, THICK & LONG due to their ability to rapidly, and forcefully pull nutri­ents from the ground and convert them into strong and rigid fibre in record time. When you look at the cross section of a vascular plant it is very close to that of your penis. You see, they operate in much the same fashion because they are both vascular in nature both pull liquid up and into their shaft in order to stiffen and grow. In fact it’s proven that vascular plants grow faster, stiffer and taller than non vascular plants.

Based on this science we began to formulate our new Mega-Erect™ sex formula, we took the ingredients that makes plants like bamboo stiff, strong and long in record quick time and we used it to make your penis even stiffer, even stronger and even longer, see results start in 60 seconds!

Mega-Erect™ includes renowned libido and aphrodisiac natural ingredients with the ability to increase the rate of blood flow, and transport blood along the shaft of the penis, similar to the way vascular plants transport the nutrients along their stem to promote growth.

Plants with this vascular transport grow taller, stronger and faster than those which do not! With this same, natural vascular “pull,” to your penis you will remove all the barriers and open the flood gates to a strong rush of blood into your ‘tool’ whenever the urge hits!

The Mega-Erectformulation is a one-a-day capsule full of vascular and plant based actives to open the blood superhighway to your penis for an on-demand erection. Mega-Erect™ includes:

1) Phloem powder... this soft inner bark powder is what that carries nutrients to all the different parts of the tree. It has a unique “drawing” effect that can improve the same action in your penis. Phloem & Xylem are the two elements that suck nutrients from the ground to make plants grow massive. With Mega-Erect your penis will grow MASSIVE TOO !

2) Xylem... Is also a transport tissue in vascular plants. The function of xylem is to transport water and nutrients. This natural substance can help transport blood to your penis just the same.

3) Maca... is one of the most powerful sex boosting ingredients. It greatly increases blood flow to pump-up your penis by 4, 5 even 6 inches extra or more. Plus, maca has been shown to improve semen quantity giving you an endless torrent of cum time and time again.

4) Ginseng... The ability of ginseng to improve erectile dysfunction, increase orgasm quality and sexual desire has been clinically document­ed. Like popular blue pills, ginseng increases nitric oxide in the penis to stiffen your penis until it is as hard as a ram-rod.

5) Catuaba... Within Brazilian herbal medicine, catuaba bark is known to contain three specific alkaloids known to support a healthy libido. Cat­uaba can enhance erectile strength by widening blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow to the penis.

6) Tongkat Ali... Tongkat Ali aids in testoster­one production. Normally, when testosterone levels are elevated through arousal, your sex hormones will signal the body to decrease or actually stop its own testosterone production. Tongkat Ali overrides this process and stimu­lates your brain to continue producing testoster­one. So in addition to long-lasting sexual stami­na, creases during sex, the penis and testicles will increase in size, and erections will become firmer and more sensitive.

7) Damiana... The penis holds a sponge-like tis­sue called the Corpora Cavernosa that fills with blood during an erection. Damiana increases the blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa for an extra gush of blood to make erections thicker and adds stamina for 5 to 6 hour non stop sex.



Directions: Take one capsule daily, 1-2 hours before intercourse. Do not exceed recommended dose.

Caution:  Always read directions before use. Anyone taking medication should consult their doctor prior to taking this product. Not for use by persons under 18 years of age. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied & balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children & animals.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients:  Gingko Biloba; Damiana; Maca Root; Catuaba; Pine, Bark Extract; Tongkat Ali; Ginseng; Magnesium Stearate (Excipient); Stone Ground rice flower (Excipient).

Ingredients Information 

Active Ingredient: Each Capsule contains % NRV (EU)

Gingko Biloba                    100mg NA

Damiana 5:1                       20mg (Equivalent to 100mg) NA

Maca 5:1                             20mg (Equivalent to 100mg) NA

Catuaba                              50mg NA

Pine Bark Extract             15mg NA

Tongkat Ali                         50mg 10mg NA

Ginseng                              35:1 2.86mg (Equivalent to 100mg) NA

% NRV (EU) = EU Nutrient Reference Value Food supplement / Voedingssupplement

Made in the UK               Suitable for Vegetarians

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